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            I recently had my first session of tapping with Sue.  After 6 or 7 years of her suggesting to me that it would be of help, I FINALLY, recently was at the right place and time to get help.  I had put if off because the time never seemed to be right for me.

            Well, that day Sue and I were together for a different event.  Later on she looked at me and said, “It’s time!”  Sue just knew I was ready.  I agreed and we began the session.

            I wasn’t prepared for the tapping questions Sue asked me.  She had me go back to different times in my life when I started having these issue feelings to find the ROOT of my problem, which was being DISGUSTED about myself.  I had lack of confidence, self-esteem, and was always trying to please others.  I had been mentally abused and gotten used to believing all the put-downs I heard and even read as I was left daily notes to remind me of how “not enough” I was for this person.  So when I looked into my mirror, all I saw was UGLY and negative me!

            Sue has a very gentle, kind, and compassionate way while asking you to think, feel, and relate to your problem.  She makes you feel safe and secure while going back to find the answer and reasons for your problem. 

            I cried and I laughed and I found peace, gladness, and I found my real self again!  With love for me, I have HOPE for my FUTURE!  GREAT ending to my session!

            Sue and her professional sessions are amazing!  Truly and deeply helpful!

            I greatly rejoice!!! 

Reneé W., Ohio, USA

            I just finished a very helpful and life changing session with my coach. Thank you, Sue Chandler!

Linda M., Oregon, USA

            With the 6 sessions we’ve done, I am living in a wonderfully different universe where there is compassion for self, a deepening sense of fundamental safety, and way more peace in relation to food. Yay! 

            Sending much love and gratitude your way!

Katia W., North Carolina, USA

            I had a wonderful session with Sue Baldosser Chandler Saturday and healed some early teen trauma that I didn't consider trauma until I learned differently!! Thank you Sue!!

            That night, my husband and I got into a disagreement and he is a firecracker, so he goes off and then quickly realizes it and apologizes. So he had a fit about something and I would normally be very defensive and react with anger myself. Instead, I sat there, didn't react at all, knew it was his stuff and laughed when he left the room.  I have NO idea which tapping session cleared my defensiveness but I am SO thankful!! Such freedom in realizing I do not have to react to other people's stuff!!  Much gratitude for this program!!

Dr. Kelly J., Ontario, Can.

            She’s the BEE’S KNEES!  That's farmer language to say she gets things MOVING in those places of frozen/numb/stuck/pain! Her sense of humor carries you through the zany verbiage...(NOT garbage...verbiage) that she walks you through...verbiage IN, GARBAGE OUT! It's enough to disrupt the lies embedded into my subconscious and rout them OUT! How do I know that shift is happening? The change is seen and felt in my willingness to love myself WELL, as in doing for myself those things that are so important to self-care. If we define self-care, I believe it would be doing those things for yourself that no one else could or can do for you. I'm starting to do those things more often and BETTER, as in...quicker...with JOY and expectation of good returns...not delaying until it's too late! If I stepped back and put on my quantum physics helmet, I would say quite simply that my vibrational frequency increased by believing truth about my own identity. There's ups, there's downs, but every day is sweeter, even if in some small way. I'm one blessed lady!!!!! 

            Mucho gracias to you! Farmer Sue!

Gail Y., Alabama, USA

            Had a great cry/clearing session with Sue Baldosser Chandler today, she is AMAZING!

            I am awed by her ability to join things together and facilitate healing. Thank you so much Sue!!!  After our coaching I went for a 3 km walk outside in nature and thoroughly enjoyed myself and my environment. Practiced staying present in the moment and returning to stillness when I recognized I was caught up in thinking.

Kelly J., Ontario, Canada

            After our last session I felt really good and kept reminding myself and tapping the (good) feeling in!

            I think that whatever you have done to work on the « deception » worked! I don’t feel so triggered by it and it doesn’t come up by itself, I have to think about it rather than seeing it everywhere!

            You are a gem!

Florence R., Switzerland

            I bought these frozen egg and spinach, 70 calorie hockey pucks, for my daughter for her convenience while she is pulling all-nighters in nursing school.  Don’t eat breakfast but decided to cook two for myself.  I typically hate frozen anything, but these were so good and convenient and healthy. 

            I put two in the micro. Took one out that was cooked thru, the other I reheated cuz it needed more. I ate the one, went ahead with my business here at home. 6 hours later my daughter said, "mom, you must have forgotten about your egg!" 

            This may not seem like a big deal to most people but, I totally forgot about that one in there!! I was content after I had the first. So so weird!! My nature would have normally been to eat both, then eat 2 more!!

Patty B., California, USA

            BIG #WIN -  I am now a non-smoker, thanks to this program! With the exception of when I was pregnant and one other time in my 20s when I quit for a few months, I have smoked for 35 years. Thanks to Sue’s excellent guidance and a focus on rebel tapping, I gave it all up in under 35 minutes. For the first time I am 100% confident it won’t come back into my life. And it feels AMAZING. I honestly do not want to smoke - I have zero desire to do it. And the cigarettes are still at the house because my husband smokes, so it isn’t just an out of sight, out of mind thing, either. I pass them each time I walk into our garage. This has been such a huge boost of confidence for me. If I can give smoking up, I can give up all kinds of things that no longer serve me!

Gayle L., Texas, USA

            Sue, I'm doing so much better... thank you for helping the other day. The next day I was able to tackle a bathroom grout/caulking job before a new tenant moves in... took 7 hours but I was able to face it and DO it. Able to DO different business things without that paralyzed, deer-in-the headlights feeling. Ditching the powerlessness. It's huge. Thank you so much!  

Melanie S., Oregon, USA

            I was lucky enough to have a few tapping sessions with Sue of Chandler Wellness and it helped me in so many different ways! I’m not going to lie; the work is hard because you are going through so many emotions from past traumas in your life and by the end of the session you feel exhausted. BUT the outcome is very freeing! I was able to work through a lot of issues from the past and learned how to let go of things I can’t control in the present. Especially in the uncertainty of the world today, it is nice to have a way to work through the anxiety of life. I would definitely recommend Sue to others in need of letting go of past and present painful emotions!

Marie B., California, USA

             Wow! Where to begin. You have helped me become more aware and acknowledge my feelings. Feelings I could not access, or know how to, or even know I had, even though I know I have them. I have become more calm, centered and can see me/things more clearly. You are the driving force behind me having a better relationship with my mom. You have taken me past and out of my comfort zone, you make me laugh. You can also take what I am trying to say and put it into words that I can’t and then make sense to me for tapping. I now have hope that I can let go of my food addiction, where before there was none. I am sure there is more, but you are my lifeline.

Lisa M., Canada

            “Sue is kind and compassionate.  She gets straight to work and helped me look at areas of my life I was feeling stuck on.  I feel calmer, stronger and happier.  A great practitioner.” 

Collette O., Ireland


            I recently experienced a session with Sue that has created a shift I have been trying to reach on my own.

            Sue has an energy that is very down to earth, easy to connect with and creates a sense of peace and ease. Her gift to provide a second set of eyes on the topic was exactly what I needed. We had a lot of laughter and light heartedness through the process.

I wanted to feel more confident and relaxed around goal setting and creating my dreams.

Since our session I am aware I am able to set small goals and create an action plan to get them done. I am thinking more about what I want and aware I have it within me to create anything I truly desire. I know I still have more to release on the topic and plan to reconnect with Sue to do the additional work.

            I would recommend Sue to anyone who is ready to let go of old stuff, to make room for a bigger brighter future.

Vivian S., Arizona, USA


            Thank you for the powerful session you gave me. I came across situations where I had to revise the freedom I have. My worth and the guts to say what I want and do what I want. The mantra " I have Total freedom" helps so much. It helps a lot to repeat the new memories.

            New issues come up and I can tap. I get lost sometimes but now I know it's normal. Thank you for your wisdom!

Veronica R., Netherlands


            I have been doing EFT for a while now but there was one large area that I wasn't able to work on, this was my history of sexual trauma.  I had been afraid to face this trauma and had been putting it off for a long time.  I finally decided enough was enough and reached out to Sue to help me.    

            I was so lucky to have her to work with.  During the course of our two-hour session she managed to perform a miracle.  I was actually laughing and enjoying myself while facing this trauma!  I wouldn't have guessed such a thing was possible.

            By the end of the session I can honestly say that I have healed something that has haunted me for 30 years.  It has been a couple of weeks since my appointment and I feel so much lighter.  The deep fear and anger has gone and I am finally able to move forward with my life without this massive weight dragging behind me.  If you are struggling with something, do yourself a favour and reach out to Sue for help.  She is amazing and worth every penny.

Katherine Pratt, Salem, Oregon, USA


            So jumping back and forth from positives to negatives might have bred chaos in “a normal human.”  However, for most dear women in our coaching program, which consists of super human females that are bulwarked around their hearts due to traumas of all shapes and sizes, the hardness of heart must soften and move aside to expose the underbelly of emotions that build up under tremendous pressure.  I concluded many years ago that the excruciating pain of living broken is equal to the pain of healing except for one important thing....the pain of healing carries HOPE.  

            My dear Coach Sue knows the value in exposing the pain and her toolbox overflows with techniques that stir and dredge up the most well masked pain...whoa, before you think of diving out the back window and down the alley know this...we, who are masters at deception, even the “innocence” of disguising intense pain as anger or gulping, swallowing hard and burying it, rather than saying how we REALLY feel about what you just said or did, need Coach Sue’s loving toolbox to actually get where we so DESPERATELY need to the pain of that mountain of emotion.

            Thank you, Coach Sue!

            Stuck? Give Sue a call!

Lou from Philly, USA


Sue - I have to share with you that I have been so much more at peace since our session. With food for sure, but beyond that. I really want to thank you for the session. So good.

Tina C., California, USA

Thank you for helping me Sue. I had so many feelings of anger, frustration and rage that I was stuffing with food. The helpful presence and compassionate, kind guidance you gave were exactly what I needed. Through the echo tapping we did together, I resolved my feelings about a traumatic childhood memory that had kept me from allowing people to show up for me.

Tracy R., Kelowna, BC, Canada

            Sue is amazing! She helped me with extreme fear that helped sabotage me in finances and every aspect of my life even though I am well paid! Due to this fear, I had been suffering from sciatica and right knee pain for eight months. I went to three top chiropractors and after the third one and having received no relief, I knew I was doing it to myself! Due to the fear, I also suffered with confidence issues that then sabotaged me with my finances.

            During the tapping session my right knee was throbbing with pain! And although I felt amazing after our session, my whole back and right knee was throbbing extremely bad! I knew that I had to take ownership of this pain. I didn’t allow myself to limp or tell anyone or dwell on the pain even though I was almost in tears. I just made peace with it and trusted my body to catch up with the “new” memories and affirmations.

            Within an hour all my back and knee pain was completely gone! Today I woke up to a pain-free body! I felt light weight and confident! I was ready to handle and live my day! Thank you, Sue, for turning my Twilight Zone life into a Happy Zone!

Martha B., California, USA

            In the past I was in a roller coaster ride of emotions, dealing with work and my personal life. I heard about what Sue was learning and was curious to see if it would help. I went to see her and she explained our goals. I went with an open mind. During the session she was able to show me that I had control over my emotions and situations do not. This sounds simple but it isn’t. I was shown ways of turning things around that in 55 years I hadn’t figured out on my own, and I am not naïve.

            After the first session I went home and was able to use what I learned within two hours. It worked! Matter of fact, it seemed to domino and the other person reacted to me differently than they have in the past. I have been trying to keep this thought process going. I do know it is not an immediate fix and, being human, I will need a “refresher” and fully intend to see Sue again. With her continuing her growth in the knowledge of this, I look forward to strengthen my ability with her direction.

A.D., Ohio, USA

            Hello Sue, Thank you once again for your most enlightening and informative session today. It being my first you demonstrated remarkable skills in changing modalities and using more advanced methods which I am just starting to learn through Level One. To recap we were able to defract and flip three major past memories relating to Pain, Car Crash, Childhood traumas with Nuns and long-term hospital childhood stay and foiled escape plan from said hospital. And doing so I have counted nine words I use that I must be more aware of in the future. Also, you helped nail down three best memories to use during tapping. These three have all had an effect on my life and now, with more practice, I can put them behind me for good and move towards a better future. And, I have started my Happy Journal too. This was far more than I could have ever thought possible, so you are most skilled and appreciated. I look forward to speaking with you soon and may well call upon you regarding my wife and her issue with learning English. Through FEFT, I am now more aware and have asked the right questions to get at the core or closer to why she is having so much trouble learning and mostly retaining English. It goes back to her childhood English courses of all things...which after 12 years I never even knew she took! So many thanks and continue your fine work and we need to enlighten more people here in the Midwest and get Robert here.

Peace!!! Be well!

Ken K., Ohio, USA

            Hi... I had a session with Sue. It was fun. She was sensitive and understanding and I got many insights after working with her. Most important is I was feeling horrible about a situation and now I have started feeling hopeful about it! Thank you very much, Sue!

Urmi C., Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

After my session with Sue I was feeling more relaxed and things that used to bother me are gone.  What a great release!  Sue really knows how to tap into your emotions and she's very patient with her clients.  Thank you very much for you help!  I will return soon!

Nico F., Ohio, USA

I have been a smoker most all my life, since I was a teenager.  (I am now 70+ years old.)  I had one session with Sue and I've not picked up another cigarette since.  And that was back in April...5 months ago!  She taught me how to tap on myself when I need it.  Old dogs CAN be taught new tricks!  Thank you, Sue!!!

Jay W., Ohio, USA

I instantly felt trust and comfort, I was inspired by her authenticity and openness.  Each time I work with her, I feel much better and feel optimistic.  I appreciate how she listens and works with me on a deeper level.

She knew exactly what to do with the difficult issues that I had.  I can't thank her enough!  She is caring and professional.  I highly recommend her.

Rena B., Washington, USA

My world was dizzy, literally!  Three years ago I went to an urgent care, followed by my family doctor, followed by a specialist, because I was so dizzy I would fall down & felt so sick.  After all the appointments & tests, I was told I was fine.  Hmmm, then why can’t I function without being dizzy????  I went to see an old college friend who does energy alignments, they fixed the issues, but I had to go back often to get “fixed” again.  Then I read about Tapping on a friend’s Facebook feed - I sent Sue a message asking if she thought she could help me.  We set up an appointment & I was a bit nervous, but what did I have to lose?  It either helps or I’m in the same boat as before.  The appointment is the hard part, you know where you have to admit to Sue that you really do have issues that you don’t want to deal with because they hurt.....she was great!  NO judgment, just, ok now we Tap & let it go, and as weird as it sounds, it works!!!!  Sue taught me what to do & how to go to my happy place so I can treat myself.  My appointment was a month ago & I haven’t been dizzy.  When I start to feel off, I tap & it goes away.  I may need to visit her again if I struggle, but that’s ok.  So great to have found something that fixes me & to have Sue there to support me without judgement if I need her! 

Ellen S., Ohio, USA

I have a history of dealing with extreme anxiety.  No matter what I did I couldn't get rid of it.  I tried meditation, self-help, YouTube videos, chamomile tea, etc.  I found Sue Chandler on Facebook in a group of stress expert practitioners.  After reading her story and getting to learn more about her, I realized that she was a very down to earth person that fully understood the struggles of stress and anxiety.  I contacted her and she was very professional and prompt in her response.  During our session, she asked me a series of questions that led her to where my problem was rooted.  It didn't take her long, and she hit the jackpot!  Sue has a way of connecting with you on a deep level and making you feel comfortable, it felt like I had known her for years.  After the session was over, I noticed a huge shift in my mind and body.  I felt relaxed, relieved and felt like a huge weight lifted.  Even weeks after our session I haven't had one shred of anxiety.  Thank you, Sue, for this wonderful healing opportunity!

Ryan E., Ohio, USA

After my session with Sue, I woke up in a state of peace.  Definitely an altered state of awareness.  Sue was very diligent and persistent to get to the core issue.  And even went an hour over just to make sure we completed the session properly.  Sue is a gem!  I would definitely work with her again.  I am very grateful. Blessings.  

Judy L., (central time), USA

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